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Wall Systems

Casa Engineering understands best the capabilities of the component products it manufactures. They were devised to serve certain needs and solve certain problems. Casa Engineering will combine these products in the most efficient manner to serve the architects design. The design operation and shop order production are performed in one company by a cooperative team. This affords the builder a better structure, by solving build-ability, code, and detail issues within a cohesive group.

Design-Build resolve cost issues before design development, which prevents surprise overruns when design is finished. Structure is the largest hard construction cost. Having it settled allows for easier financing and prevents construction delays. Looking at the benefits, this is the only prudent way to go.

Our wall panel system offers undeniable advantages and benefits over conventional building techniques

Build Higher

With the Casa Engineering system owners can now build higher-density, mixed-use buildings that provide more efficient and economical residential housing. Before Casa Engineering, owners had to choose between the height constraints of wood (typically limited to 50′), and the prohibitive cost of building above that 50′ threshold out of conventional steel or concrete. Light gauge as an alternative was constrained by a multitude of high value walls due to the handicaps of the weak floor systems. Casa Engineering optimizes land use by enabling higher structures to be built at a cost comparable to wood. When compared to conventional steel, or concrete, Casa Engineering delivers 2 – 6 story structures at a much lower overall cost.

Minimize on-site resource requirements

Panelized wall systems are ideal for minimizing workforce requirements, reducing workforce overheads or when larger crews are not available. Substantially less time is required to assemble prefabricated construction projects, minimizing all those extra costs associated with site management, maintenance, and insurance.

Coordinating with Other Trades:

During shop drawing production, all mechanical trades are coordinated with the structure by Casa Engineering. The architectural drawings are the guide used for all structural drawings. Casa Engineering will make sure that structural members do not interfere with plumbing, mechanical, electrical, or sprinkler piping, ducts, or equipment. Special construction to accommodate other trades such as special openings in trusses for large ductwork is part of the total package. Most piping is accommodated through the open web of the joists and trusses without special coordination or accommodation.

Design with Flexibility:

To the architect and the marketing company the word is “Design with freedom—Exercise your full creative capacity”. Casa Engineering components are designed for the issues that come up in residential construction. Casa Engineering research and development has been working with the industry leaders to create design solutions for the upscale residential marketplace. Longs span floor construction and few shear walls are for the “open loft”. Balconies, mechanical circulation, setback, duplex opening, 6 story light gauge building and other design challenges are the issues Casa Engineering is developing solutions for every day. Casa Engineering strives to be the industry leader for this marketplace.

Greener and cleaner

Our corporate commitment to sustainability and greener business practices translates into significantly lower waste removal costs for your project. Off-site assembly reduces noise, pollution at inner city job sites, making it easier for you to work alongside communities.

Avoid extra delays

Lower costs, faster lock-ups

Prefabrication uses fewer man hours and produces less waste than traditional stick frame construction practices. Make the switch from stick frame construction to panelized wall systems and reduce your lock-up times by up to 40%.

Better for business

Fixed prices ensure accurate forecasting. Enjoy the safety of a fixed price contract for all wall panel materials, along with proven reductions in labor costs.

Improve cash flow

Let our faster lock-ups translate into improved cashflow and reductions in capitalized costs. Avoid costs associated with bad weather and delivery delays. Our prefabricated wall systems are supplied in one package, which means fewer delays due to material shortages and quality control inspections.

Improve site organization
Structural building panels can be stored in a single on-site location, eliminating the need for costly and time-wasting moves from multiple on-site locations.

Safe and secure

Reducing the waste associated with onsite wood frame construction also reduces the potential for accidents. Fewer on-site materials and a faster lockup creates a more secure site with the reduced potential for theft and vandalism.

Reduce daily overheads

A faster turnaround means reductions in overheads such as on-site heating in winter.

Benefit from built-in engineering

Each Casa Engineering wall panel is square, load-balanced and built to precise blueprint specifications in order to minimize your on-site labor and material costs. Our strict quality control measures all but eliminate the need for time-consuming modifications and costly on-site corrections during construction

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